New Website

I'm finally getting around to building the new website.  I really like the clean look of this square space site.  It was time and I did it!  

I'm currently working on several large scale paintings.  First up is Violet Draft.  I shot the photo inspiration at the National Western Stockshow here in Denver in 2013.  This was a horse who had just come out of the arena having completed his class.  This is a 30 x 40 size canvas.  It's coming along, although I am struggling with getting those darks the right tones and having them read as dark but not too dark!  

Then at the same time I am working on Palomino.  Also a 30 x 40 canvas.  This golden palomino was competing in a ranch horse class down in Pueblo last summer.  She had a lovely, solid demeanor, and she and her rider made an elegant partnership.   I am still a long way off from completion on this one too.  Hope to have them both finished up by the end of the month perhaps?  We'll see how it goes.