Rachel Saunders is an award winning realist painter living and working in Denver, Colorado. Currently she is best known for her her portraits of horses and often their riders. Rachel grew up in Colorado always fascinated by horses and yet without the means to have one of her own, she turned to painting and drawing them as a way to spend time amongst them. Eventually as an adult Rachel took up the pursuit of riding as a hobby and painting as a profession.

In college and graduate school she studied Art History and planned to become an academic, however an opportunity came along to intern with an artisan company that specialized in wall finishes and murals. From there she moved on and founded and ran her own decorative painting company for over ten years. This prepared her for her eventual move to fine art painting. Horses were the natural choice of subject matter for her. From the high action scenes of a bucking bronco to the elegant pairing of a dressage horse and rider, the possibilities for interesting composition, color and design are many.

Rachel is currently accepting painting commissions and has begun to experiment with enhanced versions of her photos which may soon be featured here on the website. Rachel has been showcased in many horse publications including The Chronicle of the Horse and was recently named Artist of the Year at the Menlo Charity Horse show.